Get started with Vehicle Mind

Welcome to Vehicle Mind!

This step-by-step guide is for a new subscriber to get up and running once they have signed up for the Vehicle Mind subscription and received the Vehicle Mind Hub. 

Here are the steps:
1. Download the Vehicle Mind app
2. Create an Account
3. Activate the Hub
4. Install the Hub
5. Go For a Test Drive

1 Download the Vehicle Mind app 

a) From your iPhone, open the following link.  

b) From your Android phone, open the following link.

You will be prompted to the Vehicle Mind app.


Click on GET (Install on Android) and wait for the installation to complete.
[You can leave at any time, the app will appear on your home screen when the process finishes.]


Click on OPEN to launch the app.
[Alternatively, you can find it on your home screen.]

The app will launch with a message “Welcome to Vehicle Mind”.

Continue to Step 2 Create an Account  

2. Create an Account

On your phone, open the Vehicle Mind app.

Click on “GET STARTED”

You will now go through a few onboarding screens that show the main features. 

Click on “NEXT” to start the Setup.

Click Get Started

Enter your email address.

Click “Verify Email”.

Create a password (at least 6 characters).

Click “Confirm”.

For security purposes, your email address needs to be verified.

We will send you an email with a link.

Open your preferred email app on your phone (or computer). 

Click on the verification link in the email. 
Note - it may take a short while to arrive. If you don’t see it in your email inbox, check your spam/junk folder.

Your account is now created!

Proceed to Step 3 Activate the Hub

3. Activate the Hub

You are now ready to activate the Hub. 

Start by entering the Hub code and clicking "Confirm Code".

The Hub code is a 6-digit number located on the Hub. It's also printed on the shipping box.

Click "Confirm Code"

Choose which Hub to activate. You need to a subscription to complete the activation process.

You can activate multiple Hubs (by clicking "Add Another Hub")

Note that each Hub needs a separate subscription. 

You can pay for multiple subscriptions through one user account, however keep in mind that each Hub needs to be installed with a separate user account.  

Click on "Buy Subscription(s)"

The Pay screen calculates your monthly payment as: the number of Hubs multiplied by the monthly fee.

Fill in your payment details.

Once payment is confirmed, you can proceed to Step 4 Install the Hub.

4. Install the Hub

Note - this step includes you physically going to your car. 

Take note of the Hub code (a 6-digit number that is printed on the Hub and on the shipping box). 

Bring the Hub to your car.

On your phone, open the Vehicle Mind app.

Choose the Hub you want to connect. 

Click on “Connect Hub”

It's now time to physically plug in the Hub into your car’s OBD-II port.

If you don’t know where the OBD-II port is located, you can click on "Can't find the port", then choose your vehicle make/model/year to get an indication of where the port is. 

Note this step may involve leaning down under the steering wheel. Make sure you are safe at all times. 

Also note that there is only one way to insert the Hub. Align the V-shaped edges of the Hub correctly with the port before inserting. 

When the Hub is firmly inserted, click on "My Hub Is Plugged In".

You are now ready for the final Step 5 Go For A Test Drive

5. Go For A Test Drive

The final step is to go for a test drive.
The purpose is to establish communications between your Hub and your app.
Note this test drive is only needed once, and the trip will not show up in your trip history. 

Make sure you are not in an underground location, as network connectivity is required.
And since connectivity can vary, the test drive may take up to 15 minutes. Drive safely!

Click "Get Started" once you see "Hub Connected" and you will proceed to the app Dashboard. You are all set!

Welcome to Vehicle Mind!

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our support team - here's how.