Install the Hub (Step 3/4 of Get Started)

Note - this step includes you going to your car and it may take up to 15 minutes to finish installing the Hub and going for a test drive. Make sure you are not in an underground location, as network connectivity is required.

Take note of the Hub ID (a 6-character code that is printed on the Hub and on the shipping box).

Bring the Hub to your car.

On your phone, open the Vehicle Mind app.

Click on “CONTINUE”

Input the Hub ID where prompted.

Click on “CONTINUE”

It's now time to plug in the Hub into your car’s OBD port.

If you don’t know where the OBD port is located, you can click on "Can't find the port?". Choose your vehicle to get an indication of where the port is. 

Note this step may involve leaning down under the steering wheel. Make sure you are safe at all times. 

Note that there is only one way to insert the Hub. Align the V-shaped edges of the Hub correctly with the port before inserting. 

When the Hub is inserted, click on "MY HUB IS PLUGGED IN".

You are now ready for the calibration drive!

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