How do I create an expense report?


The Expenses screen is where your expense report tools and trip history are located.

Trips can be categorized either as personal or business. Click on “Personal” or “Business” respectively.  

On the top of the Expenses screen, you can choose a category to select which type of trips you want to see. The question mark will display any uncategorized trips.

Note - in order to take full advantage of the expense report tools, you should make sure all the business trips are categorized correctly, before creating an expense report. 

Click on a trip to open the Trip Details view.

Expenses - Trip Details 

Each trip has its own map and shows a summary of the trip including starting time and address, ending time and address, distance and duration.

Business trips will show additional detail such as mileage reimbursement, other expenses (fuel, parking, tolls) and purpose. 

Note - certain fields are editable and are indicated with a right arrow

  • Starting and ending address
  • Expenses
  • Purpose

You can change the trip category by clicking the category icon which opens a screen with Personal and Business category icons.

Expense Reports

Create an expense report by first clicking Create Report.

You can choose the file format (CSV or PDF), and which trips to include within a date range.

The app will ask you how you want to share the report - by email or other sharing apps on your phone depending on your preference. 

Note - to refine the Expense Report feature more, open Settings, Expense report, and adjust the reimbursement rate (which includes a link to the Canadian Government site with recommendations), set your working hours, and auto-generate your expense reports to be sent on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. You can also set the fiscal year, and add your company’s name. 

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