How do I change my notifications preferences?


In Settings - The Notifications screen lets you control all the notifications from one screen.

  • Allow Notifications - turns all notifications on or off.
  • Battery - selecting this will send battery notifications to your app when your battery is found to be in Not-Charging mode, or when your battery charge is Low, or Critical.  
  • Engine Issues (also known as Diagnostic Trouble Codes) - selecting this will will trigger a notification when any DTC is generated from the car. 
  • Recall - selecting this will send a notification if a car manufacturer issues a recall for your specific car type. Vehicle Mind obtains this information from an independent source. This information may deviate from the manufacturer's information, please verify the information with the manufacturer. 
  • Low Fuel - selecting this will send a notification when the fuel level reaches approximately 10 liters (2.6 US gallons), depending on your car make/model. 
  • Movement - selecting this will send a notification if your car is moved while standing still. For example, this could be caused by another car bumping into your car in the parking lot. 
  • Towing - selecting this will send a notification to the app in case your car is towed. Also a push notification will be sent to your phone notification center. 
  • Mileage Update - selecting this will send weekly reminders to update your car’s mileage. 

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