What is "Roadside Assistance"

As a Vehicle Mind subscriber, you have access to roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the VM app. Unlike other roadside assistance services, you’ll only pay for it when you use it.

Note - this is provided by a third party, and you will be subject to their terms, conditions and pricing.

Start by clicking the help button in the top right corner of the Vehicle Mind app.

Click Roadside Assistance.

Take note of your Hub code - it's displayed on the call screen for your convenience.

Click Call for Assistance and you will be routed to a call center.

The agent may ask about membership, please respond "Vehicle Mind" and provide your Hub code as the ID.

The agent will help you determine what is needed, and you’ll be advised of any charges before the service is performed..

The services offered include:

- Mechanical breakdown
- Emergency roadside assistance (boost, tire change, gas delivery or in case you’re locked out
- Accidental towing
- Winching (extrication from a ditch, snow, or mud)
- Ambulance services and more.
Access to Roadside Assistance is available in the USA for Canadian subscribers travelling across the border. 

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